Carb blues

A big ‘ cheat day ‘ ..
There is a quote that says,
” Missing you comes in waves and tonight, I am drowning ..”
It is a romantic wording, but could aptly suit the sugar cravings that starts in initial days of dieting.

There is something called ‘ Low – carb flu ‘ or called as carb blues. When we are used to lots of refined foods and simple sugars, stopping it could be a shock to the body. It is so used to process simple sugar that giving a complex food with protein and fat could make it to throw tantrum.
Just like little kids fuss over new food and cry for the sweets. We are no bigger than kid when it comes to sugar cravings.

There might be brain fog, irritability, loss of energy, flu like symptoms. All these are body’s mechanism to get the simple carb it used to have. We all have that right? Struggling to adjust to a new space. This is just that.

It does goes away in a week and you might feel the cravings reducing gradually.

But, as of now, to calm the raging mind and body craving for some sweet, fix a date to indulge. A day ten days from now or whichever date special to you.. For example, if you fix Aug 15 as your cheat day, write all the things you crave in a food log dated to that day.
Only when something is denied for indefinite period, it hurts. But fixing a day and making the denial for definite time will boost the body and mind to take the diet more easily … But make sure that you don’t cheat yourself often..

So, Fix your cheat day today and start to pen down whatever you crave and plan for indulgence .. For now, take that sugar free coffee or tea.. Good day..❤

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