AMAZING FACT – Beetroot Urine Test

“All the ‘stuff’ that gets into the body, must be removed eventually. In the meantime it can stay in there for years and decay, which may lead to disease and even death.” – Daniel Reid

You brush your teeth and take a shower every day. You learned about personal hygiene 
when you were a child but have you ever heard about internal hygiene?

Find out what can ruin your health in 2015:


 Cleanse your body from the inside out and get rid of toxins together with all the chemicals that come from food, water and polluted air.


The process of eliminating toxins and residual waste matter from your body starts the very first day of the cleanse.

It lets you detox your body from the inside out and also notice the change in your appearance. After the cleanse you’ll look healthier and younger.

Your body will function more effectively and most importantly, you’ll eliminate the root cause of almost all disease. What’s more, the body cleansing process can be speeded up thanks to one weird advice we’ll reveal further below.

But first discover a few disturbing and hidden facts. Continue reading…

We don’t normally think about how many toxins we collect from the polluted air and processed foods.

Over 90% of people are not aware that a huge quantity of microscopic chemical substances, heavy metals and toxins affect their bodies every day. We can’t see all those harmful substances but they do attack our bodies.

How to find out if they affect your body too (and without a microscope)?

The best way is to take the beetroot urine test. Is your urine red after drinking some beetroot juice? If yes, you may feel worried because it means you may have leaky gut syndrome.

If the beetroot red pigment can make its way to your body, then toxins and harmful substances can too. After getting into your bloodstream, they start having a very negative impact on your health, the way you feel and your comfort of living. With unhealthy lifestyles we have and fast food we eat the beetroot test result seems to carry a completely new meaning for us.

Some people don’t get worried about the toxins at all. They believe they’re perfectly healthy and that bad things won’t happen to them. They think they still have a lot of time to take care of their health. Now think about what you eat and drink. Any heavy meals, irregular eating habits, fizzy drinks and quick snacks?

It all hits your colon eventually. What happens there? You don’t want to know! Because of the temperature in the intestine (40°C), the undigested food decays and ferments.

That’s when you start suffering from wind, bloating, diarrhea and tiredness. You may even start catching colds more frequently and put on weight. Your may have a bad breath and start getting stomachaches in the least expected moments. Suddenly all your enthusiasm is lost and you have frequent mood swings. These are all the first symptoms of your body being full of toxins.

If you don’t do anything about it, you may develop a serious condition (such as cancer) and it might be too late to treat it. The most common complications include:

  • constipation, bloating, wind
  • terrible mood
  • lack of energy, sleepiness
  • obesity
  • skin conditions
  • headaches
  • protruding stomach, hemorrhoids, diarrhea


Yes, your colon may now look like a rubbish bin and mere diet or tablets won’t help you to empty it. They only offer short-term relief and are actually a way of cheating yourself.

You may not know that but it can all be reversed in a natural way. By ‘it’ we mean all the years of neglecting your body and having an unhealthy lifestyle.

You can’t see what’s inside your colon so you aren’t worried about that. No surprise at all! It’s only when you start feeling unwell that you realize you need to make some changes.

Because of modern lifestyle your colon can now hold as much as 30 lbs. of old waste matter which has a very negative impact on your liver, kidneys and lungs. This is the true cause of nearly all disease.

If you have the nerve to see what your colon may look like inside:


What you can see in the photos above is very thought-provoking. Processed foods you eat every day affect your digestion. The undigested food stays in the colon, decays and forms toxic build-ups. These build-ups produce bacteria which are a source of toxins for your body organs. That’s the cause of disease.

“Few people know that an adult can hold between 17 and 35 lbs. of old waste matter in his/her colon. It remains there for many years. When we turn 40, our colons are full of residual build-ups which take up so much space that they make it hard for the liver, kidneys and lungs to function effectively.

This is the major cause of almost all disease.” – Michał Tombak

We don’t usually think of the digestive system (especially the colon) as the sewer system of the body. If you want to maintain good health, your colon needs to be cleansed on a regular basis.

The process of accumulating toxins and waste matter in the colon is a silent killer. The symptoms don’t show immediately. And when they do eventually, your body has already been severely affected, which makes you spend a lot of money on expensive medicines.

After years of collecting harmful chemicals, your body starts resembling a rubbish dump.

“In fact, parasites have killed more people than all wars through history.” – National Geographic

Reverse all the years of neglecting your body and give yourself a 100% natural boost. Start anew: without toxins and residual colonic waste! Have a clean and healthy colon again! It’s very simple! All you need to do is:

Healthy and clean colon protects your body against chronic conditions and disease 24h a day.


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