Simple but most Effective Treatment

Clapping as Therapy:

Clapping appears to be an effective method for stimulation of the brain, Clapping has the most significant cortical activation.

Since the development of functional MRI, many studies have reported on cortical activation by external stimuli. Clapping is the most significant activation than the sequential opposition, and grasp-release movements.

Mirrors of our Body –  Palms and soles:

Our hands and feet have pressure points corresponding to the main organs of the body.  These points are sensitive to touch pressures which if massaged relieve us from various ailments corresponding to the organs. These pressure points should be pressed regularly to keep your organs activated at all times.  Each specific acupressure point has relation to specific organ and therefore alleviates the same if properly massaged.  So, instead of massaging specific points on hands, general line of treatment measure suggests clapping therapy to facilitate massaging of all the points of the hands.

By clapping, our blood circulation increases and you can cure diseases and makes yourself active, fresh and energetic throughout the day and physically fit in the long run.

Therapeutic effects of Clapping:

Clapping stimulates the acupressure points all over the palms and hence is a great remedy for all Chronic Ailments.

You can see the following chart showing various points which activate our vital organs in the body and stimulate them to function smoothly.

rightpalm  leftpalm

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