My Experience of Treating Children with Autism

Dear Friends,

I would like to share my experience of treating Autism in Children. I had come across a 3 year old kid in my Native Steel plant campus who was diagnosed as Autism. She was one among the twin babies and the other baby was absolutely normal. She had typical symptoms of Autism and it was my first experience to even see such a case.

I was really tensed what treatment could be given for such conditions that too for a randomly moving, playful kid. She dint have patience to stand and listen our words. She was either excited or depressed a lot all day long since the time she woke up from the bed in the morning. It was difficult for me to make her do Yoga practice or even to give her some Naturopathy treatments.

Hence, I consulted My senior physicians and they told me that the symptoms may persist only till 7 or 9 years, so we have to wait until then to overcome this problem. But the parents of the kid were very sad hearing this. That sadness in their face made me think something better; the better option for the kid, atleast to reduce the symptoms.

I remembered using press needles for patients in their ears for Hypertension, Addictions, etc., during my internship. So I thought this would be a better idea to try on the kid. And for my surprise and God’s grace, the acupuncture points on spine with the press needles for 10 days continuously actually helped a lot in behavioural changes of the Kid. But it was a very tough time for myself and the kid’s parents to give the needles when she was awake. So we tried giving it when she was asleep early morning.

The funny thing but practical point in the treatment that we all enjoyed was the kid after she woke up and felt the “Deqi”, commonly translated as “needle sensation,” due to “arrival of qi” she went near the walls and tried to scratch out the needles. Anyway, as the needles were out of reach for the kid and dint come out while scratching, we had seen good results in her.

This is my first confident experience and experiment I had for such case. The second experience was a nice experience in VYASA University. The therapy for Autism here was an Integrated approach of Acupuncture with Yoga, Speech therapy, Healing Music Therapy using MSRT, for a 9 years old boy. This was a very memorable experience for me. The parents of the boy are still in touch with me giving their feedbacks and sharing their happiness about the improvement in their kid after the Natural way of Treatments.

The feedback of the participants:

Dear madam,

wow great… no words to express after seeing chweet yatin kutti’s snap shots…. such a appropriate eye contact and clear expressions with a cute smile. There r off-course lot of remarkable changes in Yatin. Lot of his mannerisms have changed. Besides the advice that is being regularly followed from you in Vyasa, he has been regularly attending Yoga classes, swimming and a lot more. I personally feel its a combination of all efforts and above all gods blessings which has brought in positive results.

thanks a lot

This I am sharing not to explore myself but I am proud to say that our Indian system of Naturopathy and Yoga really helps a lot for many problems and stands as an adjunct Therapy for some. Hence I feel all those who are reading this article will have full faith and confidence to go along with the Integrated therapies and get deserved results.


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