My Experience on Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia

Dear Friends,

I would like to share my experience on treating Trigeminal Neuralgia by using 5 days Integrated treatment cum training program and 3 months regular follow up for the two typical cases properly diagnosed as TN. Both were prescribed with the same drugs. They both had almost similar symptoms but with different causes.

Actually the cases were wrongly diagnosed as sinusitis, migraine and so on and the consecutive treatments for those diagnosis were in vain. But the cause for one was excessive stress and other was RC treatment. Both had sleepless nights due to severe pain. The medications prescribed after the conformation of TN were supposed to be taken by them through out the life, which was annoying them because they had some after effects too like severe drowsiness all day long, heaviness, etc., So they preferred to take some alternate remedies for their complaints.

When they approached me with these complaints, my treatment was not only for their symptoms but also for their causes. I had given specific points of Acupuncture for the pain, Steam Therapy and specific Yoga therapy practices which made them feel a tremendous change after the treatment. Along with the treatments I also followed certain diet pattern for 3 months regularly for which their response was very good showing non recurrence of the symptoms till today. Rare and mild symptoms of it are managed by themselves with complete confidence through the follow up treatments.

The feedback of these participants was surprising to the doctor who prescribed them with the drugs. I hereby confidently say that the system of Naturopathy and Yoga helps a lot to regain the normal health and also gives mental strength to manage or overcome the basic symptoms.




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